Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs & Spas

logo_hydropoolHydropool began manufacturing their own hot tubs in Toronto, Canada which are hand crafted by experienced designers since 1980. Their products are now sold through a 250-plus retailer network in over 40 countries around the world.

The selection process has taken us many years to obtain products with such high standards. With a marketplace so cluttered with me too spas, it has been an arduous task to sort through the rhetoric of every manufacture’s idea of why their spa is the best in the industry. In a world of gimmicks and gadgets it is hard to find spas that offers just good value that is going to last and not cost a fortune to operate, or maintain. Hydropool’s Spas offer just that Good genuine value at an affordable price.

They also have a built in longevity that makes the competition green with envy. They both offer a long lasting cedar cabinet and a permawood synthetic cabinet that will be virtually maintenance free. These spa lines will still maintain the original beauty long after others have become distant memories.

Some of the unique features of Hydropool’s Hot Tubs and Spas are:

  • Self Cleaning. Simultaneously removes surface debris and cleans the bottom of the hot tub with it’s built in floor vacuum. It cleans and recirculates the water every fifteen minutes. No hot tub cleans better or more efficiently.
  • Double thermal shield energy efficiency. Our innovative thermo seal blanket along with our four inch Hydrowise hard covers, keep the heat in and the cold out. Combine this with our ability to use the excess heat from our pumps allows you to enjoy the benefits of hot water and hydrotherapy for just a few cents per day.
  • Hydropools also offers state-of- the art electronics, world class design, and unparalleled comfort with a warranty that cannot be beat.
  • The Air’assage molded in air channel for their blower system.
  • Intelligent Heating System; an epoxy coated titanium heating system prevents damage from chemicals while the integrated electronics assure efficiency and dependability.
  • TemperLok™ Heat trapping design. This is a unique design that economizes energy use and reduces heat loss and keeps the hot tub lightweight and economical to service, while rivaling a foam filled system in their efficiencies.
  • Value. Ours spas offer the highest sophistication with the best efficiencies with long lasting warranties. They call it just Good Old Fashioned Value.

Hydropool Self Cleaning Filtration System

Hydropool Swim Spa